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Having found this hosting company through, and opting for it because of great number of very positive reviews, I think it would be fair to add my opinion which is nothing but positive as well.

U2-Web is the best hosting company I've ever had business with. I've changed about 7 providers in last few years and they all had various problems from lousy support, feature dropouts, downtimes and one of them virtually disappearing overnight.

My review is based on their shared Linux hosting plans.

SUPPORT. This company has great, timely support. They will go as far as to recommend other companies and solutions, if what you require is not within their domain of service. They offer support through online chat module and via support tickets / email.

PRICING. U2-Web is one of the rare companies that are not overselling their resources. Many companies will offer incredible amounts of bandwidth and space (often much more than what even dedicated server can offer, let alone a shared account!), creating an illusion that they are extremely cheap, per megabyte. In reality, though, shared hosting can only offer so much, and U2-Web offers exactly what is in the realm of possibilities of a shared host and their price is adequate.

RELIABILITY. I have never noticed any downtimes even if there were any. The servers are fast and responsive. It is worth mentioning that unlike some shared hosts, U2-Web maintains a shared cluster, meaning they use separate servers for separate services: web, database, email, control panel, which is excellent.

CONTROL PANEL. They use H-Sphere. This was my first encounter with H-Sphere, having used only cPanel in the past. The interface is clean, concise and configuring your site(s) is straightforward. There is even a good number of third party web applications (forums, CMS), all popular applications like phpBB, Wordpress, ... I never needed those so I cannot review the installation procedures. However, it is not lacking in software.

OVERALL. Excellent, quality hosting with quality support. Recommended!

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