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Jason Potkul
I am changing all 5 of my personal web sites as well as my other clients websites to U2-Web. I have been with Valuweb, who have recently been bought out by HostWay, for over the last 8 years. I am a very loyal person.(To a Point) Hostway/Valueweb happen to be one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies around.(They are owned by Infinity Broadcasting). Until recently I have been to busy to research today's market place and really look into what some of the newer hosting companies had to offer.(Needless to say, I found out I have been paying out the Ass for 8 years). Over the last year my sites have been going down and their email services have been on the blink. I decided to take the time and do some research. This website(webhosting )became a good informational outlet. I was able to read reviews about a large majority of hosting sites that are available in todays marketplace. After doing a lot of research and actually calling a lot of hosting companies, as well as talking to their sales people,tech support(if I could get past all of the recordings and get some one to answer the phone) I have discoverd this. Just because you are huge and have been around a long time, (Like my old hosting company) doesn't mean you are good, it just means your old and need to loose some weight. U2-web has already provided me with exceptional custom pricing. Unlike like my previous cookie cutter company.I even gave Valueweb the oppurtunity to keep me as a client. They said they can't offer a custom plan, and I have to pick from one of their 3 cookie cutter plans, take it or leave it, I left. U2-web is not only saving me a ton of money, but have already shown me exceptional customer support. As you know the biggest pain in changing Hosting companies is transferring all of your site files,domains,ect. All I can say is at this point,they are making this extremely easy. Steven and Niguel have been awesome. I am really looking forward to getting everything switched over to U2. This way I can focus on running my business and making money. Their is nothing worse than wondering why your sites aren't making any sales only to find they are off line, AGAIN!!

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