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There is always potential for overload issues with shared hosting but after endless problems of slow loading with one host and problems of the host simply failing to keep on top of abuse from other users with a second host, I searched for a better host.

I spent weeks reading the claims and the I settled on U2-Web as a 'possible' and I telephoned their sales department (yes, they have telephone access) and I told them my concerns and about the experiences I had had, and I listened carefully to the way the guy handled my questions, and something about the way he did that made me think it was worth the risk.

Their control panel is c-panel in everything but name; database set-up is pretty straightforward, ftp is no problem and the site has performed flawlessly since I set it up.

I have not been a customer for long, so things could go wrong, but I am guessing that things will continue to be good. I think U2-Web could be the one. I think it is.

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