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i have to tell you all that the people at u2-web are absolutely incredible!!!!

i am a newbie at web design, just getting my feet wet. oh, i've put together a few single-page template sites that came with free hosting, but this was my first try at an honest-to-goodness Real World HTML site hosted at a real hosting company.

after reading and listening to hundreds of suggestions on-line about who is the best host, i discovered this Jury site. the fact that we're dealing with actual user reviews makes all the difference.

i was looking for the highest-rated company with the largest number of positive reviews. my first pick was u2-web. i read though the user reviews and they seem to say that one of the best things about u2-web was how great the support was. i knew i'd need that so i gave them a try.

YES! the support is truly amazing!

first thing i tried even before signing up was to call their support line and see how long it was before i got a human who could answer my questions. time? 10 seconds! i got Steven who is in management and really knows his stuff. once i explained what i needed he suggested an even cheaper solution than i had come up with (imagine: they actually suggested something to a potential client that wouldn't make them additional income. when was the last time you heard of that?)

so i signed up.

i then went about building a site i could publish. being a beginner i ran into lots of problems. i must have written u2-web a dozen emails with some very confusing questions yet every single one was answered within an hour, most within minutes. they (steven and nigel) offered suggestions, made changes for me at their end, told me how to do things step-by-step. never once did they get frustrated or blow me off. they were very very patience with me. they never once suggested it was my fault (which of course it was) nor it being a software problem nor anything else. they just tried and tried to help me.

it took me days at the computer to figure out what i was doing wrong but at last i now have a fully functional site up and running.

i have nothing negative to say about u2-web.

i can tell you that getting into this business in general is hard for any newbie. if you're not a techie and all you need is a simple website, i think ANY firm like this is probably too hard to handle it requires a lot of knowledge about HTML, FTPs, tags, paths, shells and tons of other things that mean nothing to a beginner. this is not an easy task for a first-timer.

but if you do your homework and desire a real host for your site, there's probably no place better to be than with these folks.

oh sure, you might find someplace a little bit cheaper, but remember:
you usually get what you pay for.

BRAVO u2-web!

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