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Marc -
After a 3+ year run with Apollo Hosting that went from average to nightmarish, culminating with one straight week of downtime and the tech support team unresponsive or casting the blame at us, I vowed to better research our next hosting choice. I looked over the sea of potential hosting companies, many that placed at the top 99% on customer satisfaction reviews, only to find that many of these companies high %'s were based on only a few reviews. I began to sort through the litany and stumbled on U2-Web. This company stood out beyond the rest, not just in their strong ratings but in that they appeared to have personally responded to every reviewer no matter what the tenor of the review. The fact that this company cared enough to follow up even with the customer that may have had an issue, told me that they TRULY cared about ALL there customers. I called U2-Web's toll free line and almost immediately got a live person. I spoke with Steven and told him that I needed to get my site and mail up ASAP given the down time caused by my previous hosting company. Contrary to the 24 - 72 hr. expectancy, Steven had our site up in 3 hours! This included the web migration and some copy tweaks that they were able to make for me. I have been with U2-Web going on 5 months now. Reliability has been 100%. The personal care from Steven and the gang is second-to-none. Yes, I have finally found my hosting home and they offer technical excellence, AND first rate supportÖ with a heart!

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