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You know, I posted before back in May, 2006, and I'm going to post again. Because I love these guys.

I admit that I cannot approach U2-Web as an Internet neophyte - I am an Internet professional with over 12 years of experience. But for those with experience and are looking for a reliable shared host with stellar customer service, these guys more than get the job done. I have had a lot of experience with bad hosts over the years, but U2-Web is not one of them. These guys kick butt.

Have a question at 12:30 am? Shoot off an e-mail and you'll have a response by 12:45 am. Problem with their servers or a change in their service? They do send out timely e-mail to let you know.

With the exception of the Denial of Service attack last year, reliability just hasn't been a problem. And while I think the customer support did suffer a bit during the transfer to the new servers (I did get one or two curt answers related to my site and other client sites at the time, sorry U2-Web, but it's true), since the rollover they've been back to their incredibly helpful selves.

(But as someone who used to work in a big Internet service development/provider company, I can understand why customer service may have been a little less than perfect during the transfer - it's stressful, sleep-depriving stuff. Keeping everyone up and running and maintaining two separate systems during a migration - it's not easy.)

Their prices have gone up a bit in the past year, but honestly, you get what you pay for. If cost is your primary issue, then these guys may not be for you, since they are more expensive than places like PolurNET or LunarPages. But they are a definitive ROI, never fear, and they aren't THAT much more expensive. Not choosing them because of price is being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

My only real issue with U2-Web these days is that they don't offer unlimited e-mail. Personally, I'm fine with it - if you're a company that actually needs more than 60 e-mail accounts, you should probably be looking at different hosting. But some of the small businesses I work with don't want to host with you because you don't offer unlimited e-mail, where most other hosts do (hence the 4 out of 5 for pricing).

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