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 	I've hosted four or five of my own domains with u2-web for the last few years as well as referred several clients and family members to them.

I appreciate that they have a no-contract model and their prices are very reasonable. $10 per month for 10 domains, as well as a reasonable number of dedicated email boxes, databases and other services that you need for the average interactive website. $10 for new domain registration and a few extra services for reasonable prices. Most folks will be satisfied with their basic linux package.

Where these guys really excel is in customer service. With other hosts you end up on hold forever or talking to someone who reads a script off of a screen and tells you to re-start your computer. The guys with u2-web are no nonsense and respond promptly both with follow-up emails and to any additional questions I'll throw at them. They've sent me error logs, done lots of digging and helped out with all kinds of problems I've had with wordpress installs and other issues.

The control panel interface is fairly intuitive and it's easy to manage most things through their web interface. Anything you can't figure out can be resolved with a quick email or support call.

For a web designer handling lots of accounts, I'd highly recommend these guys.

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