My Account is suspended?

If your sites are showing a page saying it is suspended or under maintenance, it may have been suspended for abuse or for billing.

For abuse related suspensions, our staff will contact you to work on the issue.  We typically do not suspend a whole account for abuse related items, but rather just the segment of the account under abuse.

For billing related
suspensions, our billing system will send you warnings about due invoices.  If your account is suspended for due invoices, you can login to your account and pay the due invoices via the "Pay due invoices" button.  Once paid, the account will be resumed automatically and should be active in 5 to 10 minutes.

Hsphere (old billing system) billing:

1. Log into your account. Your account portal page will display the suspended
notification and invoice to be paid on account resuming:

2. Click the "You can view/change your Billing Profile" link and create a billing
profile. If you don't become a pay user, your suspended account is likely to
be completely deleted and then all your account settings will be lost.

3. On the view/change Billing Profile page, choose from the available type of payment for your new billing profile.
4. Fill in the forms you will be taken to with your billing
details and click the Add button at the bottom of the page to create a
new billing proflie

How do I pay with web based payment systems?

If you choose to pay with a web based payment system such as PayPal you need

to make an advance payment not less than the debit:

  1. Create a billing profile with a web based payment system if you haven't
    yet. A section with the amount due appears at the bottom of the billing info

  2. Click submit query. You'll be redirected to this gateway web interface
    to make the payment. You may have to create an account if you don't have one.

  3. Submit the payment. If the money is successfully charged to the credit card,
    the control panel receives a confirmation and the payment gets registered.

  4. Give u2-web some time to processes the payment and enable the account.

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