How do I pay an invoice manually?

To pay an invoice, please do the following:

  1. Login to your account via
  2. Once in your account, go to Billing -> My Invoices
  3. Once on the Invoices page, click the View Invoice for the due invoice OR use the Pay All button
  4. Once on the invoice page, select the method of payment and do the following
    • Credit Card (Non-Saving of card details)
      1. Click Pay Now with Credit Card selected in the payment method
      2. Enter your addresss, if different from the pre-filled information
      3. Enter your card info
      4. Check the checkbox to NOT save your card info in our system
      5. Click Continue
      6. At this point, everything should have either gone through or you were presented with an error and should contact us if not correctable.
    • Paypal
      1. Click "PayPal, checkout" with Paypal selected in the payment method
      2. You'll now be at Paypal, where you would login to paypal and pay the amount due
      3. Return the invoice page and you should see the invoice now paid.
    • eCheck (USA BANKS ONLY)
      1. Click Pay Now with eCheck selected in the payment method
      2. On the page / window that comes up enter the following:
        1. Bank Account Name - As your Bank shows on Statments
        2. Bank Name - As your Bank shows on statements
        3. Bank ABA (Routing) number -
        4. Enter the Account number
        5. Enter the account number account for confirmation
        6. Click Submit
          1. NOTE: At this point your payment will be processed
        7. At this point you should be back at the invoice page with ti displaying as paid
      3. NOTE: if you do not see echeck as an option, please contact billing to have the payment method changed to echeck.
  5. If you any services were suspended, they should automatically resume once payment is successful.
  6. If any domains were to be renewed / registered / transfered they will start doing that now and you'll receive notices once done
  7. You should now be all set.

Remember our system allows for automatic payment of invoices via Credit cards so that you do not have to pay manually each time.
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