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Absolute Path

        The complete path to a resource, independent of the location of the visited page.


        Software components from Microsoft. They enable sound, Java applets and animations to be integrated in a Web page

Addon domains

        An addon domain is a   domain that points to a folder within your web folder. It's not as   full-featured as what we offer in our reseller accounts, but it does   allow you to host more than one domain on a hosting account.


        A generic name used to identify a mail account.

Anonymous FTP

        Public file servers that can be accessed by means of anonymous login and using an email address as the password.

Anonymous FTP

        An option in FTP that allows users to download files without having to establish and account.


        The most widely available HTTP server on the Internet. It supports the PERL and PHP languages.


        An open source web server software.


        American Standard Code for   Information Interchange. A standard character-coding scheme used by most   computers to display letters, digits and special characters.


        Active Server Pages. A   specification that enables Web pages to be dynamically created using   HTML, scripts, and reusable ActiveX server components.


        A program that sends an automatic form response to incoming emails.


Balloon Help

        Information that appears in a small area when the mouse pointer   is positioned on a page element (for instance, topic title, menu, image,   etc.).


        Like many other terms,   the technical definition of bandwidth is somewhat different from its use   in reference to web sites and data transfer. For our purposes, and   yours, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred   from your web site to the world.


        How much data can be transmitted in a time period over a communications channel, often expressed in kilobits per second (kbps).


        In Dreamweaver,   interaction between objects of a Web page, for instance, the change in   the display of a page element when the mouse pointer is placed over a   link.


        A program used to navigate Internet sites.

Browsing Options

        To provide increased flexibility, a site can offer two navigation options: with HTML or with Flash.

Burstable Bandwidth

        A hosting option that allows sites to use the available network capacity to handle periods of peak usage.



        A programming language, originally limited to the Unix operating system, widely used to develop systems and software.


        Enhancement to the C language, providing object-oriented programming features.


        The location where visited   web pages are stored, enabling them to be displayed more rapidly at the   next visit. Each browser has its own cache on the hard drive.

Cascading Style Sheets

        A standard   of the W3C which defines a simple mechanism for customising the   formatting of Web pages, by defining fonts, colours of titles, paragraph   spacing, etc.


        Country Code Top Level   Domains. The country code for domain names (.fr for France, .uk for   United Kingdom, .be for Belgium, etc).


        The Common Gateway Interface   (CGI) is a standard for interfacing external applications with   information servers, such as HTTP or Web servers. A plain HTML document   that the Web daemon retrieves is static, which means it exists in a   constant state: a text file that doesn't change. A CGI program, on the   other hand, is executed in real-time, so that it can output dynamic   information.

CGI Script

        Often combined with a fill-in form to collect and process the data entered by the user.

Clustered Services

        Clustered   services is where each service (database, mail, web, dns, and others) is   separated on to its own physical server.  Some services may share   another services physical server but should be treated as if it were   separate as it can change to be separate at any time.  Clustered   services allows for each service to have better performance as each   service does not have to share resources with other services that are   resource hogs also.


        Text files downloaded   onto a visitor's computer hard drive to store the visitor's actions in   order to better customise their following visits.


        Legal rights to   commercialise, license, transfer, broadcast or reproduce an original   piece of work, irrespective of its supporting media.

Custom Error Pages

        A custom error   page is a feature of most web server software that allows you to   replace default error messages with ones you create. The default error   messages tend to be fairly generic, and not particularly user-friendly,   so making custom messages for your site is recommended.


        One of the most widely-used FTP clients.


Data Transfer

        The total amount of outbound traffic from a website*, typically measured in gigabytes (Gb).

Data Transfer

        The total amount of outbound traffic from a website*, typically measured in gigabytes (Gb).

Dedicated Hosting

        Hosting option   whereby the host provides and is responsbile for the equipment,   dedicating an entire server to the client's websites.

Dedicated IP

        A dedicated IP   address is set aside specifically for one domain, like in the old days.   This means that if someone types in the numeric form of the IP address   the same domain will always appear in the browser.

Dedicated IP

        An IP address dedicated to a single website.


        Dynamic HTML. An extension   of HTML that enables, among other things, the inclusion of small   animations and dynamic menus in Web pages. DHTML code makes use of style   sheets and JavaScript.

Disk Space

        The amount of storage   space allotted to a web site. Disk space can be used to store pictures,   HTML files, videos, programs, and anything else used by the Web site

Disk Space

        The amount of hard drive space on the server that is available to your websites.


        Domain Name Server. The local   server (in a company) or remote server (at your provider) that resolves   domain names in IP addresses.


        Domain Name System, a distributed directory used to translate between IP addresses and domain names.


        One of the elements that   comprise a DNS address. Domain names are divided into different   categories: .com, .net, .org, .edu, .fr, .uk, etc.

Domain Name

        A series of words separated by dots (e.g.: identifying an IP address.

Domain Name

        A name that uniquely identifies a website.

Domain Parking

        Providing a nameserver for domains that do have their own hosting yet.


        Powerful WYSIWYG   authoring software from Macromedia enabling easy creation of sites   containing graphics and multimedia elements. It is one of the best   programs for creating JavaScript and DHTML animations.

Dynamic Pages

        Web pages automatically generated by ASP, PHP or ColdFusion.



        Electric commerce the conducting of business communication and   transactions over networks and through computers. Specifically,   ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the   transfer of funds, through digital communications.

Email Auto-Responders

        Email   autoresponders automatically reply to any email they receive, using text   that you have written, before passing it to your mailbox as normal.

Email Forwarding

        You can setup   several email aliases at your domain name to forward to real email   addresses anywhere on the internet. You can forward mail to your Hotmail   account, your ISP email account, your Yahoo account, or any other email   account you may have.

Email Forwarding

        Automatically sends email messages from one email address to another email address.

Error 400: Bad Request

        The request is incorrect.

Error 401: Unauthorised

        The client does not have the required privileges to access the site.

Error 403: Forbidden

        The request is forbidden. You may need to register with the site before being allowed access.

Error 404: Not Found

        The requested resource no longer exists or has been moved, or the address may be misspelled.

Error 500: Internal Error

        The server could not process the request.

Error 501: Not Implemented

        The server does not support the service type or the called protocol.

Error 503: Gateway Timeout

        The server took too long to answer and the connection timed out.



        Fantastico is probably one of the most advanced script installer   we have ever seen. Currently it can install a large amount and array of   free scripts, ranging from bulletin boards to content management   systems.


        Frequently Asked Questions. A list of the most frequently asked questions along with their respective answers.


        A server whose role is to protect a private site connected to the Internet from unauthorized access.


        Graphics creation   software from Macromedia. It is useful for optimising image size,   editing animated GIFs, creating buttons, animations or roll-overs.


        Software from Macromedia   for creating small vector animations played back on the Web. A user's   browser needs the Flash Player plug-in in order to interpret Flash   animations.


        An interactive Web page with   predefined sections to be filled in or options to be selected. The data   is then collected for processing, generally by a CGI script on the   server.


        A site offering that allows visitors to post and read messages. Ideal for livening up a site and interacting with visitors.

Front Page Extentions

        A series of scripts that can be employed by FrontPage users to add dynamic functions to a Web site.


        File Transfer Protocol. Protocol for transferring files on the Internet.

FTP Accounts

        FTP stands for File   Transfer Protocol. This is a simple method to transfer files from a   client computer to the server. This is one of many methods you can use   to maintain your site. All FTP accounts can be administered through FTP   manager.

FTP Client

        Software used to upload your site to your provider's Web hosting server, or download files from a server.

FTP Server

        A machine or software for storing and forwarding data files.


Guest Book

        A method of collecting feedback from visitors.



        A unit of measurement for quantifying traffic to a site.

Home Page

        A site's main page. It   contains the table of contents and links pointing to other pages.   Generally, the home page file is called index.html or index.htm.


        A remote machine whose contents can be accessed via the TCP/IP network.


        HyperText Markup Language. Web page description language. A W3C standard, compatible with all systems.

HTML Editor

        Software that simplifies the creation of HTML Web pages.

HTML Validator

        A utility for checking the syntax of HTML pages, the display of images and link validation prior to putting a site online .


        HyperText Transfer Protocol. Standard protocol for transmitting Web pages on the Internet.


        HTTP Over SSL. Protocol enabling the secured transmission of Web pages.


        System for browsing the Web through the use of links implemented in displayed pages.

Hypertext Link

        Element on a Web   page which you click on to jump to another location (on the page, the   site or the Web). The mouse pointer changes when it is placed over such a   link.



        Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The   organisation in charge of world-wide domain and commercial names   management on the Internet.


        (Internet Message Access   Protocol) IMAP is gradually replacing POP as the main protocol used by   email clients in communicating with email servers. Using IMAP an email   client program can not only retrieve email but can also manipulate   message stored on the server, without having to actually retrieve the   messages. So messages can be deleted, have their status changed,   multiple mail boxes can be managed.


        Internet Network   Information Center. A service providing information on domain names   registration services (.com, .net and .org), responsibility of which is   assumed by ICANN.


        A private company network based on Internet technologies: Web, e-mail, etc. When accessed from outside, it becomes an extranet.


        Internet Protocol. The protocol that handles the delivery of packets on TCP/IP networks.

IP (Internet Protocol) Address

        Every   computer on the Internet is identified by a numeric address (for   example: Each IP address has a corresponding DNS address   (for example:

IP Packet

        Data packet forwarded on a TCP/IP network.



        Programming language from Sun Microsystems. Close to C++, it is useful for providing interactivity to a Web page.

Java Console

        The window to which the standard output from an applet is directed.


        Scripting language that complements HTML.


        Joint Photographic Expert   Group. A standard for file compression, more powerful than GIF, that can   produce a 1:200 compression ratio.



        A word entered by a visitor in a search engine/directory to locate information or a site.



        Hypertext link.


        Drop-down list.


        One of the most widely used newsletter servers.

Live Cam

        A Webcam that continuously broadcasts live on Internet.

Load Balancing

        Dividing the load of a single website or service over several web servers.


        A journal file that reports connections to a server.

Log Analyzer

        A program that takes a server's "raw" log file data and summarizes it into easily-understood reports.

Log File

        A file that records the activity of a web server.


        Identification supplied by users to access a server.


Mailing Lists

        Lists usually contain names of persons sharing a similar   characteristic, ie, subscribers to a particular magazine or credit card   holders for example.


        HTML tags that are not visible on a formatted page, but are used by search engines for indexing purposes.


        An exact replica of a main site provided to users to improve accessibility.


        Motion Picture Experts Groups. A set of norms for online broadcasting and compression of digital video and audio.

Multi-Domain Plan

        A web hosting plan option that allows multiple domain names to share the resources of the single hosting account.

MySQL Databases

        Databases   facilitate managing information on your web site in a structured way.   MySQL is a fast and reliable database server that integrates well with   PHP and Perl.


Namo Web Editor

        A WYSIWYG HTML editor from Namo Interactive. Easy to use for   DHTML animation creation, it has many wizards and predefined templates.   It supports XML, PHP, ASP and style sheets.

Navigation Menu

        Essential on a   site home page, it can have different appearances. It contains the table   of contents and the links to the other pages of the site.


        Unofficial rules defining proper behaviour on Internet.


        Videoconferencing software from Microsoft.

Network Errors

        HTML pages   returned by the server when browsing a site. On the client side, you can   receive errors of type 4xx, and on the server side, errors of type 5xx.


        A text editor supplied with Windows. It is sometimes used to type in HTML code.


Offline Browser

        Software used to save all or part of a Web site onto a user's hard drive.


        Object Linking and Embedding.   Microsoft technology that enables the creation of documents by   incorporating elements created using different kinds of software.

Option or Radio Buttons

        User interface elements placed in a form to provide a limited number of options, from which only a single reply can be selected.


Page Size

        To ensure optimal browsing, the home page size should not exceed 30 Kb.

Parked domains

        Let's say you own, but you also own,,, etc. You want these   domains to also point to your same site so you "Park" them to   your primary site. Another classic example for Domain Parking is if you   owned one domain such as but for marketing purposes also   used other domains like or,   etc.


        The location of a file or a page in the file system of a remote server.


        Each click on a link or a banner generates a commission for the webmaster.


        Portable Document Format. A   format from Adobe that enables a document to be distributed on different   systems while preserving the layout (.pdf).


        Practical Extraction and Report Language. A scripting language for developing CGI programs.


        Personal Home Page. Advanced scripting language for site design.

PHP Hosting

        Web hosting that supports PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, an open source server-side scripting language.


        Packet Internet Groper. A   utility that forwards data packets to check the quality of a link or   verify the connection of a machine to the Internet.


        A small box that appears over a visited page to deliver information or display an ad.


        POP3 is the abbreviation for Post Office Protocol - a data format for delivery of emails across the Internet.

Protected directories

        Restrict access to data on the web by requiring a username and password to access selected directories.


        Server placed between a   user's machine and the Internet. It can act as a firewall to provide   protection and as a cache area to speed up Web page display.



        An inquiry sent to a server.



        A company specialised in the registering of domain names with the InterNIC.

Relative Path

        A partial path relative to the location of the visited page.

Reseller Hosting

        Arrangement whereby a company selling hosting to consumers uses the datacenter and equipment of another company.


        Typically a machine,   though it can also be software, that acts as a gateway to provide access   to network resources, irrespective of the protocols or operating   systems the users use.

RV Skin

        RVskin is a multi-language, multi-theme advanced skin management software.



        A set of commands written in an interpreted language to automate   certain application tasks. The term scenario is also sometimes used.


        A computer or software   providing services to remote client machines or applications, such as   supplying page contents (texts or other resources) or returning query   results.


        A server-side Java program that provides additional features to the server.

Shared Hosting

        Hosting option whereby several client websites are housed on and share the resources of a web server.

Shared IP

        An IP address shared by multiple websites.

Shopping Cart

        Software used to   make a site's product catalogue available for online ordering, whereby   visitors may select, view, add/delete, and purchase merchandise.

Site Monitoring

        A service that regularly checks a site and alerts the administrator in the event of a problem.

Site Submission

        All the techniques involved when submitting a site to search engines or directories.


        Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol used to send and receive email.

Source Code

        All the tags and instructions contained in a text file used to compose a Web page.

Spam Protection

        SpamAssassin is a   computer program released freely under the Apache License 2.0 used for   e-mail spam filtering based on content-matching rules, which also   supports DNS-based, checksum-based and statistical filtering, supported   by external programs and online databases.


        Structured Query Language. Relational database query language developed by IBM. It is compatible with HTML and XML.

SQL Server

        Microsoft database management software.


        A packet-based binary protocol that provides encrypted connections to remote hosts or servers.


        Server side includes. A type   of HTML comment that directs the web server to dynamically generate data   for the web page upon request.


        Secure Sockets Layers. A protocol developed by Netscape for securing data sent by the browser by means of encryption.

SSL Shared

        Shared SSL   certificates work only within one domain level. For example, if you get a   domain name for *, it will work for and But it won't work for or, and visitors' browsers will show a warning message:   "The name on the security certificate does not match the name of the   site".


        Technology that enables the playback of sound or video without the need to download the entire resource file in advance.

Sub Domains

        Subdomains are   separate sites within your account but do not require their own domains   and hence do not require domain registration. A subdomain is for   example:

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